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This is really worth looking into. See if you are eligible for a soakaway rebate, you could save money!

First of all, you need to check where your rain water is flowing from your roof. Usually it comes down a drainpipe and into a drain which leads to a public sewer. However – this may not be the case. Rainwater may flow into a catchment pit – or soakaway – instead. It then naturally seeps into the ground and may avoid your drainage and sewer system completely.


You will be able to apply for a soakaway rebate if:


1/ the surface water from your property goes to a soakaway

2/ none of it enters the public sewer


You can usually claim a soakaway rebate for the current charging year onwards. The amount of soakaway rebate claimed will vary between water authorities.

Water Authority Refund - Save Money

If you have a soakaway, but are being charged for surface water, you should contact your water company to apply for a water authority refund. They will send you a claim form to fill in and return.

You will need to give details of your property and where the water runs to. To find out where your surface water in going, you could check with a neighbour, approach an engineer/surveyor or carry out a dye test. This involves putting a drain tracing dye into your gutter and checking the manhole to the public sewer to see if the dye runs through.

Having received your forms, the water company will inspect your property. You could be entitled to a rebate and lower annual water charges.

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