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Reducing Water Costs

With increasing utility bills, now is the right time to become more "water efficient"; thinking more about the way we use water and reducing waste wherever possible. This is how you could be Reducing Water Costs with Rainwater Harvesting Systems.

Reduce Water Costs / Save Money with Rainwater Harvesting Systems


Reducing water bills and saving money can become a reality with the GutterMate Rainwater Harvesting System.

Each person in the UK uses 150 litres of water a day. This includes cooking, cleaning, washing and flushing. About a third of this is wasted; it runs down the plughole or is flushed away without being used.

During the hotter, drier months, water used outdoors can amount to 50% of the UK’s daily usage.

These figures have increased year on year by at least 1%, and we are now using 70% more water than we did 40 years ago.

Using collected rainwater through rainwater harvesting systems to wash your car and windows and/or water your lawn and plants will result in substantial savings on your metered water bills.

Think about how much you could save by recycling rainwater for these everyday chores:

  • Watering the Garden using a Watering Can: 7-9 litres per full can
  • Watering the Garden using a Hose: up to 18 litres per minute
  • Watering the Garden using a Sprinkler: up 1,000 litres per hour
  • Washing your Car using a Bucket: approximately 15 litres
  • Washing your Car using a Hose: 540 litres per hour

Rainwater Solutions provides a range of garden watering systems save you time and reduce your water bills even further.

Rainwater Solutions' water butts, wooden water barrels and rainwater tanks are ideal solutions for rain saving and reducing household water costs, helping the environment.

You can also use rainwater for your washing machine providing the right filtration is in place, further reducing your water use from the mains.

  • Washing Machine: 60 litres
  • Dishwasher: 40 litres

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