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Rainwater Storage for Water Butts, Barrels & Accessories

Collecting rain in water butts or barrels is an efficient way of conserving and recycling rain water. Our Range of Rain water Storage, Water Butts, Barrels and Accessories cater for all types of rain water harvesting needs.

Before purchasing a rain water butts or barrel, there are a number of considerations to take into account before you purchase:

  • Capacity – how much rain water do you anticipate collecting?
  • Location – where will the storage vessel be positioned?
  • Space – do you already have adequate space to house the storage vessel?

Rain collection is normally achieved using a water butt, positioned independently by each downpipe although you can have them standing in one location and inter-connect them with short lengths of hose.

Due to their shape, round water butts tend to waste space, so if you’re storing larger quantities of rainwater, you should consider rectangular tanks which are more space efficient.

Rainwater Solutions' extensive range of decorative rain water butts and barrels are available in many shapes, sizes and capacities and are sold as a kit which includes a tap, a stand and a GutterMate filter and diverter, including:

Standard Water Butts & Barrels

Garden Lake - 200L

Standard Barrel – 210L

Slim / Space Saving Water Butts

Slim 110L PollyOak Water Butt

Standard Slim – 250L

Wall-Mounted Water Butts

Terracottage Wall-mounted – 160L

Stylish and Decorative Water Barrels

Madison Water Barrel – 185L

Agua Rain Barrel – 190L

Cascata Rain Barrel – 245L

Wooden-effect Water Butts

Slim Polybutt Oak – 110L

Wood-Effect – 120L

Polybutt Oak – 200L

Oak-Barrel Effect – 250L

Water Butt & Barrel Accessories

Our range of water butt accessories includes sturdy, yet versatile stands for our entire selection of water butts: standard, super space saver, oakwood, rainsaver, garden lake & slim-line.

Rainwater Solutions Rainwater Harvesting & Collection Systems

By combining a rainwater filter diverter with one of our water butts, you have a complete, eco-friendly rainwater harvesting system.

Our product range is designed to ensure you have everything you need for collecting rainwater using reliable rainwater collection systems. Our rainwater recycling products have been developed with quality, ease of use and simplicity in mind.

If you can’t find the right water butt for your application or space, please contact us and we’ll do our best to find a cost effective solution.

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