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Rainwater Soakaways

What is a rainwater soakaway?

Soakaways are holes in the ground; the hole is filled with pebbles, pea shingles or even rubble. The modern version of the original Soakaway is the Soakaway crate. Rainwater Soakaway blockages can be avoided by using the Gutter Mate Diverter and Filter. Find out  how to protect your soakaway from expensive blockages. 

A hole is excavated and the crates are placed in and then filled with one of the above media. The downpipes for the house are then run into the soakaway and then the top soil is replaced.

When it rains the water runs into the Soakaway and fills the cavities between the pebbles, this water is then gradually absorbed into the surrounding ground. For the Soakaway to work efficiently and over a prolonged period of time the rain water going in should be clean and free of debris. The answer is the GutterMate Rainwater Filter.

Potential Problems with Soakaway Drains

The purpose of the filter is that it stops all debris going into the soakaway, therefore keeping the soakaway clean. If the filter is not used, leaves and moss can enter the soakaway and it can become blocked. The soakaway will then have to be dug out and renewed.

The cost of renewing the soakaway can be anything from £100 up to £500. The difference in cost is due to the fact that many soakaways will be installed under patios and yards. In these situations there is the cost to consider and the inconvenience of having the work done.

Also if the soakaway is restricted or blocked, excessive rain will lead to localised flooding which can cause the following problems:

  • If the guttering floods, the weight of the water can cause damage to the gutter
  • If the roofing felt is over-lapped into the guttering and it floods, then water may be drawn up into your roof joists causing dry or wet  rot
  • Guttering over-flow can lead to damp
  • Cellars may flood

If your soakaway is blocked and there is no GutterMate Diverter and Filter fitted in the downpipe the first you’ll know about your blocked soakaway is when the guttering floods and overflows.

The Solution? The GutterMate Rainwater Diverter & Filter

Gutter Mate’s rainwater filter (an award winning part of our rainwater harvesting portfolio) is a simple & cost effective way to protect your soakaway. It filters rainwater going down the drainpipe and is fitted three feet above ground level in the downpipe.

The filter is designed so that anyone (regardless of ability) can regularly inspect, clean and re-fit the basket at ground level.

Protecting your soakaway with the GutterMate Rainwater Filter:

  • Stops debris causing blockages
  • No need for expensive repairs or replacements
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easier installation, maintenance and inspection
  • Stops localised flooding and associated costs
  • Saves & recycles rainwater


Have you claimed a water rates rebate? If you put your rainwater into a soakaway, most water companies will offer a rebate on your water bill, as the rain water is not going into the local water treatment works. Soakaways are the environmentally friendly way to dispose of rain water, saving the unnecessary cost of treatment in the sewage treatment works. Get that rebate!

Extreme Weather Conditions - Cleaning the GutterMate Filter

The GutterMate Diverter might need to be cleaned during extreme weather conditions to ensure that it remains clear, efficient and in full working order. It is the same easy and quick procedure, needing just 30 seconds to complete and will protect the diverter and your soakaway from unwanted, costly blockages.

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