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Rainwater Recycling

Water is an increasingly valuable resource. Learn more about The Benefits of Rainwater Recycling . Saving and recycling rainwater using a GutterMate Rainwater Diverter is great for:

Environmental protection relies on recycling water wherever possible and collecting rainwater plays a huge role. With many parts of the UK having regular water shortages, did you know that South East England has less water available per person than Sudan or Syria! 

There’s never been a better time to start saving rain water. Water recycling is the way forward, reducing waste and helping the environment. Approximately 85,000 litres of water falls on the average UK house roof each year. Currently each person within the UK wastes a third of the water they use!

Rainwater Recycling using the GutterMate

Gutter Mate's rainwater diverter completely eliminates the need to use tap water outside the house, saving energy, reducing utility bills and water mains usage. Our fine mesh filter allows recycled water to be used indoors too. View our range of Systems and Packages that cater for both the amateur and professional.

Collected rainwater can then be used for washing machines, flushing the loo, garden watering, car cleaning and for a huge range of other applications throughout all four seasons of the year too.

Our unique, patented rainwater diverter filters all the water you collect either via the Diverter outlet or the main outlet on the filter. You choose between water saving or discharging the rain water (and protecting your rainwater soakaways). When saving rainwater via the diverter outlet, water sent to your rainwater harvesting tank is automatically shut off, when the tank is full.

Are you a property developer? The GutterMate Filter is approved by the ‘Water Technology List’, which allows it to be used in the ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’. If a developer is building to this code, the filter can be included as part of a tax credit claim. See a recent case study.

Developers now must give more consideration to localised flooding and ensure excessive rain fall is safely dissipated back into the ground instead of putting it into sewer drains or storm water drains. This calls for good quality protection of soakaways, with the GutterMate Filter ideal for this.

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