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Rainwater Harvesting Tank Sizes

Rainwater tanks provide the water storage element for rainwater harvesting systems. Rainwater Solutions provide both domestic and commercial Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in many sizes and capacities. Above and below ground, potable rainwater tanks, non-potable rainwater tanks, static, vertical and squat tanks.

Collection tanks allow rain water to be used at your convenience for many purposes, including garden irrigation while you’re away on holiday, washing your car, filling kid’s paddling pools and household tasks such as washing and toilet flushing – the list is endless!

Our rainwater tanks are available in two formats: above ground and below ground:

Above-Ground Rainwater Tanks

Vertical Potable Water Tanks

Slimline Tanks: 500L & 720L

Low Capacity Tanks: 1,250L, 2,500L and 4,000L

Medium Capacity Tanks: 5,000L, 6,000L, and 7,000L

High Capacity Tanks: 10,000L, 12,500L, 16,800L, 20,800L and 25,000L


Vertical Rainwater Water Tanks (non-potable)

Very Low Capacity Tanks: 500L and 720L

Low Capacity Tanks: 1,250L, 2,000L,  2,500L, 3,000L and 4,000L

Medium Capacity Tanks: 5,000L, 6,000L, and 6,500L

High Capacity Tanks: 10,000L, 12,500L, 14,000L, 16,800L, 20,800L, 22,000L, 26,000L and 30,000L 


Static Water Tanks

Very Low Capacity Tanks: 500L

Low Capacity Tanks: 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, and 3000L

Medium Capacity Tanks: 5000L


Squat Water Tanks

Very Low Capacity Tanks: 240L and 400L


Additional 150L to 4,000L Water Tanks

Very Low Capacity Tanks: 280L Upright Tank, 525 Mini Pillar Tank and 800L Vertical Slim Tank

Low Capacity Tanks: 1,350L Non-Potable Tank


Underground Rainwater Tanks

Underground tanks are available in 2 formats: large capacity, horizontal and cylindrical and shallower rectangular water tanks. The advantage of shallow rectangular tanks is less excavation. If you’re in an area where the water table is high, this type of tank will be far easier to install and are normally smaller capacity than the round tanks. F-Line Flat Underground Tanks are available in 1500L, 3000L, 5000L and 7500L sizes with accessories.

Rainwater harvesting systems typically include the water tanks, water pumps, control systems and rain water diverters plus the associated connecting pipe-work.

Using a fine mesh filter within a rainwater diverter will give you finely filtered rainwater. Combined with one of our rainwater harvesting tanks, you’ll have the perfect solution for sustainable water efficiency with ultimately convenient installation and maintenance.

With an annual average 85,000 litres of rain water falling on each roof in the UK, collecting and storing rainwater for recycling reduces costs and helps the environment too! You’ll enjoy lower water meter bills and won’t have to worry about watering restrictions in your area during the summer months. Hose pipe and sprinkler bans are a big concern for any keen gardener, but rainwater collection takes that worry away.

Our range of water storage systems also include quality-manufactured water butts and water barrels of all shapes, sizes and capacities.

Not sure which rainwater harvesting tank is best for your needs?  View our rainwater tank buying guide or contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect-fit.


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