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Loft Gravity Feed System

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Rain water Management System that dramatically reduces the energy use and pump wear in comparison to traditional systems.

How the Loft Gravity Feed System works

  • Rainwater falls onto the roof, down the down pipes, across the Gutter Mate rainwater filter and into a water storage tank, usually a below ground tank.
  • When demanded the rain water is pumped from the underground tank through the control panel up to the Smart Header Tank within the loft space.
  • The rainwater inside the Smart Header Tank will gravity feed down to toilets and washing machines, until the Smart Header Tank is nearly empty.
  • Inside the Smart Header Tank there are two sensors, upper and lower. When the water level drops to the lower sensor a message is sent to the control panel to allow rainwater to enter the Smart Header Tank.
  • Rainwater will then fill the Smart Header Tank until it reaches the upper sensor. The pump will then shut down and not run again until the water reaches the lower sensor.
  • The control unit automatically registers when rainwater is not available and fills the Smart Header Tank with mains water. This means that only a minimum amount of water is used until the next rainfall.
  • Also if the water within the Smart Header Tank is left unused the system will automatically refresh the water every three days to protect against any issues with water quality.
  • This loft gravity kit contains: a header tank and pump.


This kit contains:

  • Smart Header Tank: 100 litres capacity. 600mm (W) x 490mm (H) x 500mm (D)
  • Loft Gravity Feed: 380mm (W) x 270mm (H) x 95mm (D)
  • Submersible pump: to fit in your underground storage tank


  • Constant water pressure
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Mains water backup
  • Longer pump life
  • Simple operation
  • More control
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