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Rainwater Harvesting Knowledge Centre

Get Educated to Get Started!

Welcome to Rain Water Solutions rainwater harvesting Knowledge Centre where you can find lots of support and advice on recycling rainwater, the benefits of it together with multiple guides about the products and systems needed to get you started. 

Find links to these useful documents that should assist you in purchasing products for rainwater collection, filtration, storage and distribution within the rainwater harvesting Knowledge Centre.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Whether you're looking to install a basic rainwater harvesting system to collect rainwater for your garden, or you're looking to install a more complex system to recycle rainwater for your home appliances, in this document you can learn about the different types of systems available and the products needed.  Read now.

Gutter Guards and Protection

Are you fed up with having to climb a ladder to clean your gutters? We have two best selling, award-winning products that can remove the need to ever have to clean debris and leaves from your gutters again. Read now.

Rainwater Soakaways

What is a soakaway and why is it so important that it stays clean of debris? Find out about the best way to protect your soakaway and avoid expensive maintenance costs. Read now.  You can also find out if you are eligible for a soakaway rebate here.

Rainwater Recycling

Save water, save money, save the environment. Water is becoming an increasingly valuable resource. There’s never been a better time to start saving rain water. Find out about the benefits of rainwater recycling. Read now.

Rainwater Tank Buying Guide

If you want to collect and  store large amounts of rainwater then you will need to purchase a rainwater tank. Rainwater tanks come in many different forms and sizes. Learn about which type of water tank is best for your rainwater harvesting system. Read now.

Rainwater Pumps Buying Guide

If you want to distribute rainwater that is stored in your waterbutt, or rainwater tank then you will need to purchase a pump. Connecting a pump will allow you to use a garden hose, irrigate your garden, distribute rainwater to a pond or water feature or distribute rainwater to your home if you wish to use for domestic appliances, flushing toilets etc. Our range of pumps are suitable for both small, large and commercial rainwater harvesting systems. Find out which type of rainwater pump you need. Read now.

Gutter Health and Safety

All property owners will know that cleaning gutters is either a dangerous or expensive business. Find out why installing the Gutter Mate Diverter and Filter is the safer way to maintain clean gutters. Read now.

Reduce Your Water Costs

Learn how to become water efficient, reducing your bills and your water waste. Find out how to save money on your utility bills by recycling rainwater. Read now.

Rainwater Tank Sizes

Here you'll find a breakdown of all the different rainwater tanks available to buy on Rainwater Solutions. Includes potable and non-potable tanks, squat tanks and static rainwater tanks. Rain water Tank Sizes

Rain water Storage

Rainwater Solutiions stocks a wide range of water butts and barrels for rainwater storage. Water butts are mostly used by people who want to collect rainwater to use in their garden or for household chores like washing the car.  Rainwater Storage


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