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Homefire Heat logs 12 Pack

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The Homefire Heat Logs  are a great alternative to the standard seasoned firewood as they provide high energy, hot and long flames, whilst not making much smoke. This product is also very eco-friendly as it completely made from recycled waste wood, minimising its impact on the environment. This product is recommended on open fires, multi-fuel stoves and chimeneas. 

The Homefire Heat Logs Pack of 12 is ideal for use on your open fires, log burners, chimeneas or multi-use stoves. they are easily lit and are made using recycled waste wood, making it a very sustainable and eco-friendly product. They burn with a long flame and produce good heat which you can make the most of. the lack of moisture within this wood means that it burns hotter but also means that there is less smoke produced, which makes it more comfortable for you. 

More Information
Colour Brown
Height (CM) 39
Width (CM) 20
Depth (CM) 13

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