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Gutter Health & Safety

Every property owner dreads cleaning gutters. Why? Because cleaning gutters involves climbing ladders: it’s dangerous and poses health and safety risks. Thankfully, now with the Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter, gutter cleaning isn't unnecessary!

The Gutter Mate Rainwater Harvesting System incorporates our unique rainwater diverter and fine mesh insert, which filters your rainwater. It’s installed, checked and emptied at ground level. So make gutter cleaning can be a thing of the past – keep your ladders tucked away in the shed.

Many of our customers operate within the construction, property and public sectors. We work together to offer the best solution for them regarding rainwater harvesting products and price.  They like the Gutter Mate rainwater harvesting system as it includes our award winning rainwater diverter and filter. This makes checking and removing leaves and debris safe and convenient as possible.

With an emphasis on sustainable water efficiency within section G of the Code for Sustainable Homes, our award winning rainwater diverter and filter offer an easy way of meeting new build requirements as well as minimal maintenance which is completely safe to carry out.

Cleaning Gutters - The Safer Way

Avoid the danger of climbing ladders with Gutter Mates rainwater diverter. It’s filter collects leaves, moss and debris, protecting your guttering and soakaways.

Using the GutterMate Diverter & Filter as part of your rainwater harvesting system means:

  • Completely safe as installation, inspection and cleaning are all done at ground level
  • Convenient as minimal maintenance is needed
  • Perfect for filtering and collecting rainwater for recycling
  • Ideal for protecting guttering and soakaways from expensive and inconvenient blockages
  • It’s safer, it reduces costs and it helps the environment too!
  • FIND OUT why you should be using the GutterMate Diverter & Filter rather than a standard system. READ the benefits.

See the GutterMate video for more details.

New Product - The Hedgehog Gutter Brush

The Hedgehog Gutter Brush is the latest product to be added to our Gutter Maintenance line. Affordable and super easy to install the Hedgehog Gutter Brush is a reliable and durable way of keeping your gutters clean during the winter month.

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