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Ecoal 50 Smokeless Coal - 20kg

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The Ecoal 50 Smokeless Coal will let you enjoy burning coal without having to worry about the uncomfortable environment all the smoke will create.

This smokeless coal also works hard to keep the world a better place, as it emits 40% less carbon dioxide than house coal, whilst burning hotter and longer than house coal. 

The Ecoal 50 Smokeless Coal is the eco-conscious minds first choice when it comes to choosing the best coal to excel in heating performance without harming the environment as much.

The Ecoal 50 complies with the smokeless regulations so that it doesn't create an unpleasant experience for you, but also emits up to 40% less carbon dioxide than house coal. Along with all of this, the Ecoal does not sacrifice on performance, as it burns hotter and for a longer time than house coal. 

Main Features:

  • HETAS Approved Smokeless Coal
  • Emits up to 40% less Carbon CO2 than house coal
  • Burns hotter and for longer than house coal
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Product size: 70 x 46 x 26cm


More Information
Colour Brown
Height (CM) 70
Width (CM) 46
Depth (CM) 26
Weight (KG) 20

Product Installation / Information Guide

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