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How do I manage my large garden?

How do I manage my large garden?

A large garden needn’t be daunting. If you have just taken on a big green space or are looking to up your gardening efforts, breaking the tasks down can make a mammoth task, manageable. From what type of water tank or water butt you will need for a large garden to what to plant, we have used our expert knowledge to help you look after a big garden.


Break your space down


As with any big task, it can feel overwhelming when you look at the whole thing. To help you manage this project, draw your garden out onto a pad and separate it into quarters. This will break the work down and you will achieve your goals if the work you have set is dissected down. Looking at each corner as separate tasks is also what some of the best landscape gardeners and designers do.

    • Next, understand what your goals are for your garden, separating the garden can help you meet all the intentions you may have. You could add a seating area in one section or renovate any current furniture you may have. This seating area could include a BBQ or if you’re feeling extravagant, a pizza oven!


    • Also, look at problem areas and try to solve these first. For example, if your lawn is patchy in one half of your garden, you may only need a recovery fertiliser to bring it back to life as opposed to new turf.


    • Be sure to add storage. The more you garden, the more tools you will need to store in a shed.


    • Install some cover from the weather so that you can entertain and make the most of your garden all year long. This could be something like a simple gazebo or a canopy.


    • Simplify your plans into small steps and make every task workable.

Make it sustainable


We believe that all gardens should have an element of sustainability to them as it is the easiest place to be environmentally friendly.

    • Compost. Create a circular eco-system and use your green waste to feed your new plants and soil. This is one of the most environmentally friendly things you can do for your garden and it saves money on garden waste collection and buying in shop made compost. You can also add most types of food waste in your composter to help this process along.


    • Install a water butt. Another great option is to put a water butt in to feed from your main gutter. This way you can water your garden and do some other garden tasks with harvested rainwater instead of using mains water. If you have a large roof, you will need a higher capacity water tank, the smaller the roof size, the smaller the water butt You may also need to pop a microbial silver disc into your water butt to help kill water borne diseases and fungus.

Give plants the centre stage


There are some plants and flowers that take up a lot of room when in bloom but do not need a lot of attention. Planting a few of these will minimise the space you have whilst not being hard to maintain. Why not make the most of having a lot of space and plant these beautiful arrangements?

    • Buy seasonal. Seasonal perennials will come back year after year and are usually quite hardy.


    • Plant flowers that help the environment. For example, lavender is quite a low-maintenance plant that grows to a large size, attracts bees and smells amazing.


    • Install one large container to house your plants as it can be laborious to water a lot of pots every day. Raised beds are a great way of having a large dedicated area to plants and they can look stunning.


    • Leave a wild area. Not only will this attract insects and bees, but it can look beautiful. Re-wilding is very fashionable, and it also helps the environment. All of that and it also requires minimal effort!


    • Add some shrubs. Shrubs take up quite a bit of room, they can provide shelter for wildlife and they do not need a lot of effort once they are established. The fiery shrub named dogwood looks stunning and comes to life in the winter, which ensures you have a splendid garden all year round.

Whilst a large garden can seem intimidating at first, there are some things you can do to make it easy to manage year on year. Segregating your garden into sections and working on each corner as a separate project can break the task down and can make sure you achieve your garden goals.


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