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160L Terracottage Wallmounted Water Butt


In stock

160L Terracottage Wallmounted Water Butt

In stock

  • This space-saving Wallmounted Terracottage Water Butt is perfect for gardens where space is limited.

  • This water butt has been designed by water harvesting specialists to ensure you'll love this product!
  • This is so the design is perfect for any home and will gather rain water from your pipe that your Guttermate is connected to. 

  • Another benefit of this Waterbutt is its stylish/slick look so it will look great in any garden.
  • The water butt is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic from the UK to help the planet and harvest your water for your gardens needs!

  • Made from high quality durable plastic what can stand through all types of weathers!

  • By purchesing this product you are helping the planet by using recycled materials.


This space-saving Wallmounted 160L Terracottage Water Butt is perfect for gardens where space is limited as it fixes securely against the wall.

Manufactured in the UK and from 100% recycled plastic, the 160L Terracottage water butt is an easy way to help recycle rainwater from your downpipe while also saving money on your waterbills!

The space-saver Terracottage includes three outlet connections at the bottom of the water butt and can be used for the tap supplied or for connecting to another water butt.

Being mounted above ground allows easy access to the tap or for hose connection.

The Terracottage water butt can be connected to the downpipe either from the right or left side.

View our installation guide.


  • Easy-Twist 3/4" Male BSP Tap
  • Mounting Wall Plugs & Brackets
  • Screws

Technical Specification:

Height: 122cm
Width: 45cm
Depth: 30cm
Capacity: 160 Litres

Water Butt includes:

Comes with lid and tap.
Wall mounted so no stand is needed.
This product comes with screws.

Wallmounted Water Butt dimensions:

Capacity: 160 Litre
Height: 122cm
Width: 45cm
Depth: 30cm
Weight: 12kg

Please note: when the Terracottage water butt is full of water, the weight needing to the supported is 170kg. The customer is also responsible for determining if the wall on which the water butt is to be mounted is of adequate strength. If the wall is not vertical and flat where the Terracottage water butt is to be fitted, such as a rough-cut stone wall, the wall should be prepared to allow the back of the water butt to sit flat and in a vertical position flat against the wall, or a backing plate, for the length and width of the back of the water butt. As suppliers we take no responsibility for this determination. 

Gutter Mate Diverter & Filter (Black, White or Brown)

The Gutter Mate is UK's best selling, award winning Diverter & Filter that makes it easy to recycle rainwater straight from your downpipe. The only rainwater diverter and rainsaver that filters all rainwater before it enters the water butt, tank, drain or soakaway.

The diverter then automatically shuts off the flow to the water butt when full. Collecting rainwater with the Gutter Mate is both simple and efficient, whether you are saving rainwater to a water butt, tank or a full rainwater harvesting system.

The Gutter Mate is designed to accept 68mm, 76mm and 80mm diameter round downpipes and 65mm and 75mm square downpipes.

Harcostar Universal Rain Trap Diverter

This black Harcostar Universal Rain Trap connects to a round downpipe in the following sizes: 63mm, 68mm, 80mm and 100mm and also connects to a square downpipe in the following sizes: 61mm and 65mm. Easy to install, simply cut a section from your downpipe and insert the rain diverter.

This Universal Rain Trap Diverter comes with a 0.5m quality flexible connecting hose, so your water butt doesn't have to be directly in front of a down pipe. Hose Dimension Diameter: 25m. Not suitable for cast iron downpipes.

Gardening Naturally Natural Water Butt Treatment 500ml

This Natural Water Butt Treatment 500ml is the perfect solution for keeping your water butts odour free and clean.

The treatment includes a UV blocker which stops harmful rays that promote active algae growth and also gets rid of that grime within the water butt. This product also includes a flocculating agent which will clump together any debris which will then sink to the bottom.


Water Butt FreshaTank Microbial Disc

The Water Butt FreshaTank Microbial Disc is a superb water butt cleaner and water butt freshener.

Just pop it in your water butt to enjoy fresh, clean and odour-free water. Made from copper and silver, FreshaTank uses the natural biocidal effects of real silver that which when immersed in water, destroy germs including viruses, bacteria, fungus and water-borne diseases!

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